5 Apples


I’m not into measuring things:

… I’m more of a weight and see person.


note: I used to be imperial about measurements, but I’m more metriculous these days.

double note: musical lizards are probably really scaley.


Today #377

It’s Canada Day today.
No hockey on Canada Day has always pained me.
It’s a hashmark that I have to bear.

5 responses to “5 Apples

  1. I am 216 barley corns tall!

    Gotta love the Imperial measurements.

  2. I can see my weight…usually it is going up.

  3. I tried to measure how many apples tall I am, but I couldn’t get them all to stay balanced on top of each other.

  4. I don’t know how many apples tall I am as we don’t have any to measure with.Let me go to the fridge & see what I can find to measure with….

  5. OK I’m back. There was a rather long sweet potato so I measured myself with that. I am 8 sweet potatoes high which doesn’t sound very tall at all does it. .

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