I Rule The Game “Predictionary”!


Some people think I’m extremely predictable.

I consider myself really understandable:

… it’s a subtle difference.


note: I’m still not here … I’m over there … it’s just an optical illusion.

double note: a big thank you for your comments. I do read them … and do want to reply to them … but my fingers are in a few pies … so it’s not extremely possible at the moment. 


Today # 376

Today I thought … bars of soap would last longer if they were bigger.
It would take longer for them to turn into slivers.
Less useless soap slivers in a year makes sense to me.
I could be wrong: I usually am.

4 responses to “I Rule The Game “Predictionary”!

  1. I’ve often though soap should come out of the shower head. You know there could be different stages, like when you drive through the car wash, water, soap, shampoo, conditioner, undercarriage, rinse, heat dry…

  2. Didn’t your mother ever tell you to save those soap slivers, mush them together and voila! More soap! Seriously, I like Brown Road’s idea above, where you just turn the handle and something else comes out of the showerhead. No more bottles and other crap in the shower!

  3. miss you rosstopher, don’t know where you are but hey! have fun! lol

  4. I hope you washed your hands before you put your fingers in those pies Ross. Use the slivers, use the slivers

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