That’s Just Growth!


I grew 2 feet in less than a year!

It’s not that amazing really:

most people did … along with the rest of their body.


note: if your name is “Tallest” it could get confusing when someone is looking for the tallest person.

double note: sometimes I’m the shortest person around, but it only happens when other people are wearing pants … and I’m wearing shorts … or have no money.

triple note: I still have 7 weeks before regular programming will continue. This is just a hiccup … or some other cup.

quadruple note: yes, I’ve used a different photo of this before, but I took another photo of it … so it’s all good.


Today #375

Today didn’t smell like mustard enough.

7 responses to “That’s Just Growth!

  1. Nice sculpture! But I’m curious, why would you want the day to smell more like mustard than it already does? Unless you consider yourself a real hot dog!

  2. Interesting sculpture, but looks like it would hurt.

    My son is taller than me now, and he isn’t finished growing! I feel so small.

  3. When people say “no” to me a lot, I feel like I get all tied up in “nots”

  4. This is what happens when pretzels escape.

  5. Where, oh where, does he hide his scrotum? It is male I suppose – what with those sinewy legs and everything?

  6. I’d love that sculpture in my front yard. I thought I hadn’t grown at all for many years but I remember I did groan the other day

  7. hahaTooty… anyway, get back soon.

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