I don’t like honorifics, titles, or crap that comes before my name.

It makes me uneasy/queasy hearing it.

I am just Ross … or planetross to some of you.

Please don’t call me “mister“!

… even if I have a spray bottle and a fern closeby.


note: something weird is happening at work, so I won’t be around for a month or two probably.
I’m going to be busier than usual … and a little richer … and a little more tired most likely.

double note: I guess the word is called weird because it doesn’t follow the “i” before “e” except after “c” rule.
That’s weird!


Today #374

Today I realized that a  “months of Sundays” is just that usually … 4 Sundays.
I always thought it meant everyday was Sunday for a whole month. … I guess eventually it will mean that when I’m much older.

4 responses to “Onerifics

  1. I look forward to you spreading the wealth when you get back.

  2. Don’t let the Weirdos get you down, Mr. Ross.

  3. No that’s wierd. I like to follow the i, e, c the rule
    That’s a big chair, or you’ve shrunk

  4. What’s weird is how quiet you are. But that’s all fine, as long as the weirdness at work is a good thing. LOVE the chair pic. Makes you look Lilliputian, for once! How rare that is. Unless you’ve developed some sort of bone-shrinking disorder from eating too much deregulated blowfish sashimi.

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