Time Matters


Six years ago I spent 4 months off and on … on a little island in Brazil called Morro de Sao Paulo. I think it was the best time of my life: nothing to do but lie on the beach, meet interesting people in bathing suits from all over the world, play Argentinian card games, drink cheap liquor, read books, eat great food, and basically just hang out.

Today I received this photo from the guy that took the original photo that’s my hovercard/profile photo; he’s back there on holiday.

Most people probably want to go back in time … I just want to go back in place.


note: I don’t care that they’ve replaced the sand road with a brick one … and and the garbage can is more classy.

double note:  thank you Diego!

triple note:
You can’t go home againThomas Wolfe
 “You can go home again, but you’ll have to break a window


Today #361

Today someone was thinking about me halfway around the world … usually someone is just thinking about me half-assed closeby.

today note: if someone is thinking about me somewhere all the way around the world, is that just me?


8 responses to “Time Matters

  1. Funny you should say half assed because I thought the guy in the pick was practicing putting his head up his ass.

  2. Ha! I’ve always enjoyed this image… now I understand the significance. It’s the old head in the sand (or the garbage can) trick!

  3. This guy in the pic should find his career in bull fighting

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    bearmancartoons: practice makes perfect sense. Which guy? One of them is me!

    Donald Diddams: Diego has chosen the same garbage can as I, although it looks a bit more upscale now.

    mohsingilani: Diego would probably be a good bull fighter … he refused to listen to my bullshit for 4 months. hee hee!

  5. If it weren’t for Time, everything would happen all at once, and planetross would have his head stuck in a trash can forever.

  6. Who is Father Time’s daughter? She must be a knockout – I heard she can stop a clock.

  7. The old photo is better.It sounds like a great little place to hang out. Do all the people put their heads in garbage bins? A local custom perhaps??? Eskimos rub noses, Spaniards take siestas & Morro de Sao Paulons put their heads in the garbage

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Bunk Strutts: apologies for not coming over to your blog: it’s one of my favourite.

    note: I think I may have my head stuck in a trashcan forever … it seems like that sometimes … figuratively.

    Tony: I think I started the tradition: if two people is a tradition. … it hasn’t taken off like that planking phenomenon … yet.

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