A Mute Point … Or Possibly Moot


Remotes must be made very far away.


note: I’m not sure what’s worse … a control freak or a remote control freak.

double note: I’m trying to be remotely funny … sometimes I’m not even.


Today #359

You know when you cut a fingernail too short and it hurts? … that was today.

4 responses to “A Mute Point … Or Possibly Moot

  1. Motes can mute and that’s not at all moot.

  2. sometimes I am remote and sometime I am in a moat

  3. The fingernal reminded me of this comic http://escaworks.com/2012/04/09/much-better/
    Remember back in the good ‘ol days when you had to actually walk to the TV to change channels? Thank goodness for remotes.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: but can you say that 5 times fast? hee hee!

    Bearman: no one builds moats anymore … I guess water is too expensive.

    Tony: ouch! that’s nasty!
    I didn’t actually walk to the tv to change the channel … I was just lying 6 inches in front of the screen.

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