Zero Tolerance


Are “zero tolerance programs” really necessary?

Do “zeros” bother that many people?


noooooooote: I like my notes with a lot of zeros on them.

double note: there should be a “zero dollar bill” … just in case people don’t believe you when you say you are broke.


Today #358

Today I did my Spring cleaning … I’m glad there isn’t cleaning for all the seasons.
(I didn’t use Sponge Bob as a sponge … he was just dirty, so I washed him)



5 responses to “Zero Tolerance

  1. LOVED this post! The SpongeBob hanging plush toy…classic! Thanks for another giggle. Even on a day that I want to go away. (I loathe the final day of a long vacation. It means the end is near. Boo!) Happy Easter!

  2. Zero Tolerance:
    When implemented in schools, it’s the best way to ensure children grow up to be more broken than the logic that came up with Zero Tolerance.

    I already have a zero dollar bill… It’s made of lint 😉

  3. So if you give a shopkeeper the crrect money do they give you back a zero dollar bill as change. I bet a zero yen is not worth much. What’s the exchange rate for them?

  4. What’s that pink thing to SB’s left??? It looks like his penis is hanging outta his back pocket

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    heatherteach: thanks! I almost forgot it was Easter, no signs of it where I live. I did finally check the internet to see when it was this year … and realized it was Easter before it was too late … or Easter Monday.

    eksith: zero tolerance should really be zero intolerance really. I guess it depends on how you read the word “zero“. “no tolerance” programs would sound negative.

    Tony: that’s my pink rabbit! I don’t know what SpongeBob’s penis looks like. hee hee!

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