If atheism were a religion,

I wouldn’t know what not to believe in anymore.


note: people who don’t believe in “anything” … must use the word “nothing” more than other people.


Today #357

Today in the gym’s shower room I thought “I hope I don’t have a heart attack right now … because the other guy in here is kind of creepy.”
(I also thought, “Please don’t let him have a seizure either.”)


6 responses to “Atheism

  1. Oh so profound– me like!

  2. Mouth the mouth in the shower…creepy no matter who it is.

  3. That’s what I like about atheism:It gives you something to believe in.

  4. Profound entry. I’m not really sure how the picture and the title coordinate…? But as an Athiest, I giggled.

  5. I wonder if God believes in Atheists. When something goes wrong do they shut “No God I don’t believe it”

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Fiercely Yours: thanks! I’m usually just “prolost“.

    bearmancartoons: I agree. I always hope the exercise I just finished doing gets me through the experience unscathed.

    Tooty Nolan: atheists are pretty unbelievable! hee hee!

    heatherteach: yes, the photo has nothing to do with anything. I haven’t taken very many photos lately, so I used one from a trip to the tsunami affected coastline that I visited a few weeks ago.

    Tony: I watched a movie where Dennis Quaid says to an angel “I don’t believe in God.” … and the angel replies, “God doesn’t believe in you either.
    I don’t think the movie was based on a true story though.

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