The Sun


Is the sun solar powered?


note: do solar power experts sit on a solar panel?

double note: photo credit goes to Mr. Pettit.


Today #355

Today I thought “Why isn’t there any ‘alcohol free whiskey’ on the market?”


7 responses to “The Sun

  1. “Here comes the sun…do-do-do-do-….”

    The experts are in the “hot seat” sitting on that panel.

  2. I believe alcohol-free whiskey is barley water?

  3. I would think solar power experts sit on more than one solar panel…

  4. Solar powered?
    No, it’s baked potato powered. Starch FTW!

    Fun fact: The Germans used potatoes to create alcohol (Ethanol fuel) to power rockets during WWII. I can drink to that… I don’t actually drink.

  5. What would be the point of alcohol-free whiskey?

  6. It’s pretty old so I reckon it would be coal or wood powered.

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Tammy: I think I was humming that song while putting up this post.
    Great minds think alike … fools seldom differ. hee hee!

    madtante: I don’t believe in barley water … I need proof or a percent at least.

    Donald Diddams: they probably have one panel each … and make a big one when they assemble.

    eksith: ahhh the old “baked potato powering the sun” theory. Everyone knows that the moon is baked potato powered!

    Hippie Cahier: what’s the point of alcohol-free beer? I’m against both on principle.
    Friends of my sister tried to get drunk on vanilla extract when they were young: they just got sick … because they bought artificial vanilla extract by mistake.

    Tony: I can’t argue with that logic … but I can walk away from you. hee hee!

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