Order Chronological


If most historians view events chronologically,

biologists must view them chromologically.


note: I am  chronological orderinarily.

double note: I wonder if Pulp Fiction would be a good movie if it was spliced together in chronological order.

triple note: putting things in order is a chronicological disorder.

quadruple note: Mr. Pettit  gets the credit for sticking “chronological” in my head … and the triple note.


Today #351

Today I realized that Spaghetti Westerns are called Macaroni Westerns in Japan.
… it’s the little differences.

4 responses to “Order Chronological

  1. Those masks and the entire festival they go with really freak me out.

  2. S. Le: I’ve never seen anyone wear one of those masks. People buy them at the bottom of the mountain and leave them at the Tengu Shrine at the top of the mountain after they make a wish.

    note: personally, I think they take those tengu masks down to the bottom of the hill and sell them again.

  3. I noticed that the world’s time zones are in chronological order. It would be fun to mix them up a bit. My watch stopped the other day so I have to ring a watchmaker & place a chronological order.

  4. Tony: I hope you’ve had your watched fixed … those things seem to be everywhere! hee hee!

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