De-Siding Stuff


When people start choosing sides,

I always choose the blindside

… because people never expect that!


note: my van doesn’t have any blindspots, but other drivers turn a blind eye to it though.

double note:no, I don’t think my eyes are sore while driving! Why do you ask?

triple note: most spots on dalmations are probably blind. I could be wrong; I usually am.


Today #349

Today I almost missed sending a “Happy Birthday” greeting to one of my sisters. Usually the time zone stuff works in my favor, but she’s in Australia … so I was cutting it close.
(I didn’t send birthday greetings to the other sisters because that might be stupid)

7 responses to “De-Siding Stuff

  1. What are those tennis balls doing in the background?

  2. The Blindside was a good movie.

  3. What kind of a van is that? I’ve never seen anything like it in my part of the world.

  4. Is that a new van? Didn’t you have a beige/yellowy coloured one or was I dreaming???

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: I think they are hydrangea in the background, but I’m not really up on my flower names.

    Bearman: Ironside was okay too!

    Brown Road Chronicles: it’s a Subaru Sambar van. It’s a kei-van; which means cheaper insurance, cheaper road tolls, and the van of choice for old men everywhere in Japan. I think the new ones go for about $10,000 U.S. Mine is 20 years old now, but it’s more reliable than me.

    Tony: you are dreaming. Same van; same colour; same rusty bumper.

  6. Your van is way cool. (in a very Japanese weird arse way)

  7. S. Le: I can’t believe I almost didn’t take it … and it was given to me free!

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