Low Security Area


Having security cameras in my house might not be a good idea.

 … it could Hasselhoff on me.

I’ll just keep checking the kitchen sink in the morning.

… that’s probably cheaper.


note: there should be “going through the motions detectors”.

double note: I know the Hasselhoff video is old, but I kind of think of it every once in a while … while eating … and am thankful that no one is video taping me.

Today #348

Today someone gave me 7 free tickets to my favourite onsen/hotspring. Total score! It doesn’t take too much to make me happy … and sometimes nothing at all … or free … or something like that.

10 responses to “Low Security Area

  1. Just don’t eat in the bathtub

  2. I thought you’d sneaked into our Library for a sec. We just got new computers! Quite a few Patrons have asked after the old ones but are going to be out of luck. Where was this photo taken?

  3. I’m not sure if I’m proud or ashamed that I got the Hasselhoff reference. Typically, I don’t get any “celebrity news” but that was Special.

  4. I dn’t get the Hasslehoff reference. Me no understand Mister

  5. I think at some point we allll have had our Hasslehoff moments.

    not the original, but it should explain it.

  6. Ha Ha He really handled that burger well

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    bearman: eating in the bathtub would give you cramps … unless there was no water in it.

    S. Le: these monitors and dvd players lurk by the timeclock at work … I don’t think the company is updating, it’s just clearing out the ones that aren’t being used and turning that room into some other type of study place.

    madtante: I don’t like being celebrity topical on the blog, but this one was special. I’m sure his daughter thought what she did was right, but in the end it’s just blackmail.

    Tony: sweetiegirlz has given you the answer … although I like the original 6 minute video myself.

    sweetiegirlz: other than being really drunk, I don’t think he comes off too bad in the video: he’s not violent, verbally abusive … except to the state of his Whopper, and still looks pretty good without his shirt on. hee hee!

  8. which is why eating on dates is a bad idea. No one wants to see someone else stuff their pie hole.

  9. edrevets: thanks for stopping by!
    I try not eating on dates … or vomiting on them. hee hee!

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