Chocolate Bottles Aren’t Recyclable


Sure chocolate liquor in the shape of a bottle is cool, but …

what about flasked shaped chocolate liquor for people who don’t want other people to know they are drinking?

… or wineskin shaped chocolate liquor for skiers?


note: I don’t like being drunk with pimples. I didn’t like it at 17 and I don’t like it now!

 double note: I’d try a moonshine one, but they are probably not legal.


Today #347

Today I thought, “Why isn’t the emergency number 767 instead of 911?” … it would spell SOS

9 responses to “Chocolate Bottles Aren’t Recyclable

  1. I love choc and I love booze but those liqueur chocs make me ill — just thinking, not because I’ve had too many.

  2. Chocolate something in the shape of something would be great. But I can’t think what the something would be. It’s too early in the morning to try & be funny…

  3. Never forgetting my first trip downtown Karlsruhe Germany as a Soldier. Walking into a chocolatier and finding out a whollllle lotta those chocolates were spiked!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: I’ve eaten the drambuie and gran marnier ones so far, but I’d rather eat a snickers.

    Tony: what about chocolate shaped like a bunny? hee hee!

    S. Le: chocolate on ice cream or alcohol on ice cream?

    sweetiegirlz: 2 kids gave me the boozy chocolate for Valentine’s Day this year; either they are trying to tell me something … or that was the cheapest option at the local stores.

  5. I don’t think choc bunnies would ever catch on, not even for a special occasion.
    Or… chocolate shaped like a chainsaw & when you bite into it fake blood sprays out all over you!!!

  6. Tony: where can I buy those chainsaw chocolates???!!! I want them bad!

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