It’s passport renewal time for me.

I’ve had one since I was 15.

I’ve had passports issued in 4 countries: Canada, Australia, Argentina, and Japan.

I’m glad that there are Embassies in other countries.

… because I don’t know where I’ll be every 5 years.


note: 70% of British citizens have passports compared to 50% of Canadians, 37% of Americans, and 1.5% of Chinese citizens.

double note: if I couldn’t get a passport, I’d get a boat.

triple note:passports” really should be updated to “passairports“.

quadruple note: I used to think a lot of people in my neighbourhood travelled a lot because they were always passing my place rolling their suitcases. I finally figured out that they were just hauling their dirty laundry to the coin-laundry down the street in those suitcases.


Today #344

Today I realized that this time’s passport photo is the worst ever!
(photographers must be getting crappier every 5 years)

8 responses to “Passports

  1. I always have one but rarely use it. I’m one of those people who save up a couple grand and then blow it going someplace. If I had more money, I’d travel more. I still want to run away from home.

  2. Canadians come to the US. Why would Americans go to Canada…hah j/k. Beautiful country.

  3. The Brit’s are in Europe so it only makes sense, really. America “has the best of it all” (some will say) so it only makes sense, really. China is communist so it makes sense, really. About half of all Canadians are ex-patriots (for a few weeks) so it makes sense, really. Or not really.

    Do you still consider yourself Canadian after living everywhere else longer? I guess we all think of ourselves via the cartoons and kraft dinner we grew up with – eh.

  4. I haven’t been out of the country (USA) in so long I don’t have a valid passport. Sorta sad, innit?

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    madtante: I used to save up for big trips, but recently I’ve been saving up for not working. Where did I go so wrong … people don’t work on trips do they? I smell a flaw in my thinking.

    bearman: someone from the U.S. said “I can ski; lie on the beach; enjoy the deserts, forests, and different cities any time of the year I want without having to use different money.” It must be nice to live in a country that has everything climatically. People in China must be pretty happy too! hee hee!

    note: actually I like travelling so when I hear about a place on the news, I can visualize it.

    Victoria Pettit:
    I’ve always considered myself Canadian … from the day I was born even!
    … as the Artful Dodger sings in the musical Oliver says, “Consider yourself at home. Consider yourself part of the family!“.

    S. Le: I haven’t been out of Japan for almost 5 years now. That’s a bit sad as well.

  6. Getting a boat works. At least in the Navy ‘cos we never neede a passport for all the countries we visited. Hmmm… I feel like a drink of fortified wine… Will somebody pass the port!!!

  7. sadly my passport that was supposed to go to Japan a few years ago….never got up and went. But happily still good for a long time. You should come to america, sometime. i hear Kansazz is nice. lol 🙂

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I mailed my application to the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. They phoned me about 5 days later.
    Hello, this is the Canadian Embassy. Is this Mr. Janes?
    Do you have time to talk?
    We’ve reviewed your passport application … and it is totally unacceptable.
    Ha ha! Just joking!

    Seriously, I had this conversation. I seem to know most people in the passport section of the Canadian Embassy because my sister worked there for 4 years.

    sweetiegirlz: I haven’t been anywhere outside of Japan for 5 years! I think there is a big party planned for the 100th anniversary of my grandfather’s farm in Manitoba in 2019. hee hee!

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