My Stool Is Yellow!


I sit on this stool at work for about 2 hours everyday.

It’s 11 inches high. (28 centimetres)

I kind of like sitting on it: sometimes I sit on it when I don’t have to.

It keeps me grounded

… or very close to grounded.


note: some people ask me if I feel like a kid sitting on this stool. The answer is no: … the real kids sitting on the other stools keep me in line … and call me old … and a boogerface … and stuff like that.


Today #343

Today I was going to take a blogging break, but I’m sure something stupid will pop into my head tomorrow … like a popping balloon … that’s against my head.
I’ll wait and see.


7 responses to “My Stool Is Yellow!

  1. In the interest of cross-cultural understanding, I approve of you teaching your students the English word ‘boogerface’. In the further interest of cross-cultural understanding, I’m dying to know what the Japanese counterpart to that particular sobriquet would be. This might come in handy at future family gatherings…

  2. Your stool is lovely. Although, I couldn’t help but notice how phallic it is. Very strange! Yet funny!

  3. At first, when all I saw was the headline, I thought you were sick. Thank god it was only your Toad stool.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Carrie: kids here don’t actually use “boogerface” … they like saying “unchi“, pronounced “oonchi“, … which means “poo“; however, “poo” in Japan means Winnie the Pooh.
    Kids of a certain age like saying “unchi atama” … or “poo head“.

    Heather: I never noticed that before! … although sometimes I hold the seat against my chest, hunch over, and moo like a cow. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I thought that was a pretty catchy title. You know me, if I can fit in a double meaning, I will.
    … I’m still looking for a title that is double meaningless.

  5. Your stool is yellow??? I thought wee was supposed to be yellow & stools were supposed to be brown? You better take a sample of your stool to your doctor

  6. i love how you’re really just a giant kid. (you’re secret is safe with me) lol

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I wanted a blue stool, but they were out of stock at the time.

    note: doctors must be rappers because they are into sampling. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: it works for me, but weirds out some people sometimes. I guess I don’t look the type, if people don’t know me.

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