Not For The Birds … Or Cats



The opposite of a bird’s-eye view is a cat’s-eye view.


note: birds of a feather flock together; featherless birds must flock alone.

double note: 2 year olds have a bird’s-eye view of everything … it’s just that it is a penguin’s.


Today #339

Today I taught a few students the “cracking the nose” trick; they were so impressed I bet they couldn’t wait to go to school tomorrow and amaze their friends.
(cracking the nose trick: cover your mouth and nose with your hands and pretend to twist your nose with your fingers while clicking a thumbnail on the back of a front tooth) … just in case you’ve forgotten.

today note: it doesn’t sound so exciting when I explain it. I’m no Penn and Teller.

14 responses to “Not For The Birds … Or Cats

  1. Is the cracking nose trick part of the cultural exchange program?

  2. Just don’t forget to PRETEND to break your nose!

  3. I still fool people with the nose trick! Even when they know the secret they are rather scared.

  4. even better is having a hard sweet in your mouth. crunch on it each time you ‘crack’ your nose!

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Donald Diddams: the 8 year old girl student started it by cracking her knuckles! … I’m not responsible! hee hee!

    madtante: I’ve never broken my nose (knock on wood), but apart from the pain it probably wouldn’t look any worse or better than it does now.

    heretherebespiders: thanks for stopping by! I agree. It’s like the detachable finger trick; it still looks weird even when you know how it’s done.

    epicurienne: I’ll have to try that one. I usually crunch candies while simultaneously taking steps. I pretend I’m walking on leaves or hard snow.
    (it doesn’t work very well while actually walking on leaves or hard snow though)

  6. 3 times for me (so far) — the last time, I straightened/ set it. My nose now looks better than the one I was born with if you don’t count the bump. I straightened (from times 1 & 2) and “pulled it down” (used to have a “pig-nose”).

    If I want to throw up and cry, I just have to remember setting it. I don’t want any of those things, so I try to not think about them but thought I’d share the general story. It really is a better nose now!

  7. madtante: I used to bug my sister about her big nose when I was a kid … until my first day of school with the same teacher my sister had had.
    Teacher:You are Toni’s little brother!
    Me:How do you know?
    Teacher:Same nose

    note: I left my sister’s nose alone after that … and focused on other things.

    double note: 3rd times a charm … ouch!

  8. Watch out birdies the bad ol’ pussy cat is watching you. I will chase it away so yous will be safe. I am still learning about cats but I am told they have sharp pins in their paws to scratch dogs with.

  9. Hey is the featherless birds comment a sly way to have a crack at me & my kind ‘cos we don’t have much fur. Just watch it buddy!!!

  10. Angus the Chinese Crested: thanks for stopping by! When chasing cats, it’s a good idea to start with the scaredy ones first.

    note: I hear Chinese Crested dogs are furless … they aren’t afraid of anything!

  11. Angus the Chinese Crested:We have nothing to fur, except fur itself“.

  12. is that your kitty? are those your birds? lol. j/k

    I’m sure you at least had the little boys in stitches with the nose trick. don’t all the little girls say, ‘ewwww…” or the japanese equivalent?

  13. sweetiegirlz: the cat and the birds seem to lurk around here sometimes. I don’t know where they come from … I don’t know their parents. hee hee!

    note: the little girl in the class thought that was the best trick ever! … but she’s a bit of a tomboy.

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