Does “Slim To None” Mean “Slim To All”?


I’ve never found a diamond in the rough,

… but I’ve found a few golf balls there!


note: actually, I don’t golf as much as I’d dislike to.

double note: I could find a needle in a haystack … with a match and a metal detector.


Today #337

Today I slapped on my slippers. Why aren’t they called “slappers“?
They kind of slap on the floor and aren’t too slippery really.

6 responses to “Does “Slim To None” Mean “Slim To All”?

  1. I had a dream last night, honestly don’t really remember much at all about it, but I was reading the credits for something and saw your name as one of the authors, and thought “hey I know that person.” Sorry, wish I could tell you more about what it was….

  2. Brown Road Chronicles: I don’t usually get credit for stuff … and royalties even less.

  3. Have you ever tried to run across an ice-covered lawn in houseslippers? I did this morning. Guess what? I slipped.

    Srsly. You should’ve seen my slowwwww skiiiii back.

  4. That fork looks a bit inferior. It must have a forkin’ inferiority complex.

  5. My Mum’s slippers were slappers cos she would take one off to slap us kids with. I’m back on too now. I decided that I didn’t like Blogger due to it being really slow lately & it drove me to the point of changing blogs. I know what you must be thinking Totally out of character for me right???…

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    madtante: I feel your pain. I don’t know if I’m getting smarter as I get a little bit older (I call it being timewise), but I’m definitely ice cautious these days.

    S. Le: I lived in an inferiority complex once … it was an apartment building for people who didn’t think they were good enough to live anywhere else. hee hee!

    Tony: my Mom used to chase me with the second knuckle of her middle finger sticking out. It was usually just to get me to stop annoying her: it worked pretty well. I’d run like hell just from the thought of how much damage that could do. Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee should have used that move in a movie.

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