Equality means different things to different people.

That seems unfair

… but in a good way maybe.


note: is there a Geneva Convention Center?

double note: people are always complaining about fair increases. 

triple note: why is “fair is fair” a saying, but “unfair is unfair“, which basically means the same thing, not a saying? … that seems unfair.

quadruple note: free tickets are unfare.


Today #336

Today was reported as the coldest day of the year so far.
It’s only January!
I’ll wait until July or August before I get excited about this news.


8 responses to “Identequal

  1. If you have your coldest day in August, we’re all in trouble!

  2. Donald Diddams: that’s what I thought!

  3. I think “Shite Happens” is unfair is unfair…

  4. madtante: too true too true.

    note: sometimes shite happens without the “e“.

  5. I wanna say January is usually the coldest month here, but it was pretty dang warm.

  6. sweetiegirlz: I always hope January is the coldest month, but February always seems a bit colder.

  7. Equality seems unfair to Greater Than & Less Than signs. If I paid for a Fare then got a refund would it be an unfare???

  8. Tony: yes it seems … and yes it would be!

    note: train and subways stations have fare adjustment machines, but change usually comes from my pocket mostly.

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