“Rambo” in Japanese means “violence”.

“Rocky” in Japanese just means the boxer guy in all those movies. 


note: words are only meaningful if you know what they mean, otherwise they are just panhandlers holding out their hands to people with their eyes shut.

double note: I was going to say “blind person“, but thought that might not be political correct. I don’t even call that “can’t see spot” in a car while driving a “blindspot” anymore. I must be a political activist now!

triple note: why are Chinese characters cool tattoo material, but Hebrew characters, Russian character, Korean character, …  … not so popular?

quadruple note: I had to do a “… …” in that last note, sorry.


Today #334

Today someone said “Cheese Hamburger“. I’m sure that was pretty common back in … before I was born!
(I’m glad I was born when I was, otherwise I’d probably sound weird.)

7 responses to “Rambo

  1. That’s why the time before you were born is known as the era of far too many words, which by its very name proved its existence

  2. oriental characters are so elegant and artsy….
    The U.S. soldier’s stationed in Korea have their names sewed on their hats in Korean…I used to tell my husband I wouldn’t let them do that to mine, they could be writing “doofus” or something, and you’d never know a thing. lol.

    • I knew a bloke when I was in Hong Kong in the Navy who got his wife’s name tattooed on his arm in Chinese characters. We were at a street market & a chinese trader asked him if he knew what it meant. He said “yes, it’s my wife’s name Karen” The old man replied “That no say Karen, it say Get F…”

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante:rock, paper, scissors” is called “janken” here. I hope you weren’t talking about “sack tapping” on the link. ouch!

    omawarisan: I think people used to say “tuna fish sandwich” during that era too!

    sweetiegirlz: some foreigers in Japan like to have their names done in Chinese Characters: the name phonetically matched with the same sounding characters. I think using some Chinese characters for my name means “Donkey Vinegar“. (seriously) … but maybe I was trying to find those characters.

  4. If I was Japanese I would call myself Rakuda Rambo. There’s something cool sounding about Angry Camel
    Or maybe Raku raku to rambo. Then I could be violent but do it in comfort.

  5. Tony: maybe you could be angry about having 2 humps!
    … unlike those lucky dromedaries with their single hump.

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