The Key To Ignitiative Is The Key


I’m not a go-getter

I’m a wait-seer.


note: if pizza is involved, I’m definitely not a go-getter … I like it delivered.

double note: sometimes I’m a fo-getter.


Today #333

Today I almost went for fast-food, but decided on slow-food instead.

8 responses to “The Key To Ignitiative Is The Key

  1. I have to be a go-getter. The nearest Domino’s is 26 miles from the ranch.

  2. It’s a good strategy. Think how many times you’ve wait-seen and discover you’d have wasted your effort by go-getting.

  3. If food’s involved, I’m definitely a go-getter! But deliveries are good too, especially on days like today. Grey. Rainy. No one wants to go get anything when London’s like this.

  4. Don’t go anywhere in that jeep! I’m a go-getter until I run out of energy. and lose interest. I’m ADD-ish like that.

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

    madtante: I try to live near a delivery place deliverately. hee hee!

    bearman: I can remember a time when there was no home delivery … except for babies.

    Donald Diddams: it’s 50/50 on that call: 50% wrong , 50% right, and 50% I don’t know what would have happened. It’s a game of percentages, but I’m using fractions.

    epicurienne: I’ve only ever had a pizza delivered to my place … I’d like Chinese, Indian, and Mexican options … but sadly they ain’t going to happen here.

    sweetiegirlz: I’m a wait and seer at heart; but if nothing arises, I go and get it … walking and everything.

  6. We had pizza delivered a few weeks ago so we didn’t have to be a gogetter. Our gogetterness had got up & gone

  7. Tony: if one person is the pizza go-getter, than the other one refers to the “go-getter” as the “gopher” … while waiting for the delicious pizza … and trying to figure out how they can screw the other person out of an extra piece or to.

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