Do you know that poster … ?Mr. Pettit  asked.

Yes” I replied without hesitation, knowing what he was talking about without any more information required.

Why don’t you … ?

I will.

We are mind readers sometimes … or no-mind readers … or something like that.


note: if you hang out with someone long enough, there’s not too much noose you haven’t heard before.

double note: no noose is good noose.


Today #332

Today while sitting in an outdoor hotspring bath, I was hoping the big pile of snow on the roof, that was hanging way over the edge, would slide off while I was there.
… and you know what? … it did!

4 responses to “Badvertising

  1. I’m so glad you never took a picture of the “wider angle picture” of this where you can see him in short shorts as well. The cigarette company that is campaigning with this ad are secretly trying to get one to quit ( so happy I never smoked), or the boss is a complete homosexual and finds the add ‘inviting’. YIKES.

    BTW, did I tell you the one about…. oh – it’s you… it started here…. – never mind….

  2. Kelly Pettit: I haven’t seen the one of him in short shorts; I usually buy smokes over the counter. hee hee!

  3. Good to see a fit healthy smoker for a change. I think it’s a conspiracy to make people think smoking is bad for you promoted by the makers of those nicotine patches to boost their sales. I don’t smoke but just wanted to be responsible for starting another conspiracy theory.

  4. Tony: if there were nicotine patches for people who chew chewing tobacco would they go over a person’s mouth?

    note: smoking cured of me of my chewing gum habit. hee hee! cough cough!

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