Innards Are Innaresting


My inner voice has laryngitis

… or maybe it’s an inner ear infection.


note: becoming an inner voice actor is probably a subconscious choice.

double note: why is it called an inner tube? … I’ve never seen an outer tube.

triple note: my inner voice has Tourette’s Syndrome somedays.

quadruple note: my inner bellybutton just has lint in it … unless I’m at the beach, then it has sand in it.


Today #331

Today at the ramen restaurant there was one guy sitting by himself at each table minding his own business. It was like walking into a porn video shop.

8 responses to “Innards Are Innaresting

  1. Nice worldview, Ross! But then i got stuck on the idea of your inner voice having Tourette’s syndrome. That comes perilously close to being profound.

  2. You had a “Pornaramen-ic” view. and Ross, I’m not even gonna ASK how you know why this would resemble a porn video shop!

  3. Locally, most people say “innersting.” 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on adultcollegestudents and commented:
    This is great!

  5. I have enough lint to knit a sweater

  6. One guy sitting by himself at each table.

    How did he manage that to be at each table when there was only one of him. Or did he have one of those Multiplicity Machines?

  7. Now you’re making ME hungry. I love ramen, even if it means being surrounded by lone men slurping.

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

    Donald Diddams: thanks! I’m either profound or prolost … or somewhere between those.

    sweetiegirlz: I like that one. well done! I just figured no one would go to a porn video shop with someone else … mmm humm twiddling fingers. hee hee!

    madtante: I’ve heard that said that way before … around Tunderbay Ontario in Canada.

    adultcollegestudents: thanks for stopping by and reposting this!

    bearman: I haven’t found any lint in my bellybutton forever … I blame my washing machine.

    Tony: yes, that sentence sounded confusing when I wrote it, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it sound not so dumb.

    epicurienne: I probably go for ramen more than most … and less for burgers at fastfood restaurants … because of that stupid gyoza stamp card … and ramen is better.

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