Dwelling On Cave Dwellers


If scientists ever develop a means of bringing cavemen to life using DNA taken from caveman blood, which has been preserved inside insects encased in amber,

… it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to take them to a zoo.

Better lock those pets in the backroom too!


note: if I start cave painting now, I might be famous in 40,000 years.

double note: I bet caveman school had a lot more P.E. and less of all those other subjects … that I can’t remember now.

triple note: someone in history didn’t have grandparents … they probably had awkward situations … and no money in birthday cards.

quadruple note: cavemen probably didn’t call themselves cavemen, I bet they called each other Grock or Rraap or whatever their vocal cords could come up with.


Today #330

Today a 4 year old student recognized the “free gyoza” ticket from a local ramen restaurant, I was going to give him,  before I had pulled it all the way out of my wallet.
Everyone likes a freebie … age doesn’t matter.

5 responses to “Dwelling On Cave Dwellers

  1. So, do you think that cave man would recognize a freebie when he saw it… or is that why you’d keep him away from the zoo.

  2. I love your freebie-tickets!

  3. Budgies!! Love them, cute wee birdies. I used to have them as pets. I’ve had about 5 in my lifetime. (they are delicious)

  4. I bet those budgies are more expensive than ones sitting on the ground. They’re on Higher Perches (Hire Purchase)
    I wonder if they did cave comics???
    I bet Blog was the sound it made when they clubbed an animal to death. “Die Woolly Mammoth!!!” Blog, Blog, Blog

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: I don’t think a caveman would be interested in the souvenir shop. hee hee!

    madtante: giving away freebie tickets is my middle name … or maybe it’s Edward … I’ll have to check my passport.

    S. Le: I hate most zoos, I don’t know why I still go to them occasionally. The local park has budgies, rabbits, monkeys, bears, and peacocks. I’m always glad when I don’t see the bear in its cement enclosure. I hope all the monkeys are gone one day … with the door open … for a couple of days. … because I’m a bit uneasy around monkeys if they are close by.

    note: you didn’t eat your budgies? that’s gross.

    Tony: crap! I should have said “Blog” as a name. I’m unworthy.

    Higher Perches: groan. hee hee!

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