No one is born a vegan,

it’s a later in life choice.

… like being divorced or almost divorced.


note: breastfeeding off of a tomato is more difficult than breastfeeding off of a chicken probably.

double note:  cows aren’t born vegan … or any other animal that drinks milk. I guess exploitation doesn’t start at home.

triple note: what someone puts into their body is their own business, just don’t start pointing your chickenless fingers at me.

quadruple note: sorry, I had nothing to say tonight … so I dug really deep … and found nothing.


Today #229

I could memorize today, but why bother … there will be another one tomorrow. I’m an optimistic pessimist today. I don’t know what I’ll be tomorrow … maybe something different … or the same … it’s a crap shoot.


9 responses to “Veganbonds

  1. This is odd: the two new blogs in my subs page are food-related and I *just* posted a food-related blog on [myrealname]! Great minds think alike or get hungry at the same time 🙂

  2. So does this mean you’re trying to eat healthier? or is this photo someone else’s dinner? lol. I think you can eat just as healthy with meat…
    chickens only have fingers after they die! lolololol

  3. Are you slamming vegans? Sister-In-Law is a vegan and a pain in the arse. Of course she has always been but now she’s worse.

    Have you seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? You may lose your vegan powers.

  4. I would be a vegan except I like meat too much. I had a veganless curried chicken pie for lunch.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: I just didn’t have any other photos that took my fancy that day. I was probably hungry though … eating makes me hungry. There is usually a lot on my plate at the moment.

    sweetiegirlz: button mushrooms, or mushrooms, as they were the only type available growing up, are hard to find where I live: there are 15 other types of mushrooms, but no button mushrooms. I bought some at the new Costco … along with the peppers. It was a pretty good stir fry 🙂

    S. Le: this post does come across as a “slam”, but I have nothing against Vegans or any other animal for that matter. hee hee!

    note: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? I will have to downlo … I mean go to the video store to rent it.

    Tony: no vegans in your curried chicken pie? … that’s probably just as well.

    note: Aussie/Kiwi pies are the best things ever. I don’t know why North Americans haven’t caught on to this fact.

  6. I have a steak & mushroom pie in the freezer. I may liberate it from it’s cryogenic state at lunchtime

  7. OMG Kiwi pies. You’re sending me down memory lane. It’s all in the pastry. OOOO SO GOOD.
    Being vegan must be really hard unless you actually don’t like protein of the animal sort. I work with a vegan who won’t wear leather… She thinks it’s cruel, but I think that at least the animal, which is dead for meat anyway, has been fully utilised – nothing wasted.

  8. Tony: traveling around Australia, I had a pie most days: camel, crocodile, lamb, chicken, beef, pork, … I’d like to see this pie blog of which you speakieth. (pie talk makes me talk like Shakespeare)

    epicurienne: I enjoyed the pie culture in New Zealand first … because I went there first. I liked going for ice creams at the local dairy too.

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