I remember one year, as a kid, when it snowed snowballs a lot!

That was the year I wasn’t very popular maybe.


note: if I had hindsight back then, I would have known who was throwing those snowballs and behindsighting me.


Today #228

Today wasn’t payday. … bummer.

8 responses to “Snowballistics

  1. I think they have ointment if you suffer from snowballs.

  2. Holy poop! It’s a comet!!

  3. That snowball is definitely lost!

  4. How far did you carry that thing. Did Kelly help like with the pool table???

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    bearman: there should have been oinkment for swine flu.

    eksith: it’s one of those reindeer. hee hee!

    Brown Road Chronicles:Lost: one snowball: big, made of snow, probably dirty. No reward: If you find it, you can keep it.

    Tony: someone made that in one of the local parks and then it got warm for a few days. Actually Kelly helped me get out of my house on a Sunday by saying he was going to the park with his dog … and I probably needed a walk.

    note: he has a Boston Terrier: terrible accent, but one of those “so ugly they are almost cute” sort of dogs.

  6. It looks like a giant chocolate truffle, but then again….I’m dieting so everything looks like a giant chocolate truffle.

  7. sweetiegirlz: some people give me truffle, but I’m not looking for truffle usually.

    Tony: your comment makes me think of a big chocolate truffle comment.

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