Squiggly Lines With Meaning



Why isn’t there a rhetorical question mark?


note: now that I think about it … why isn’t there an “answer mark“?


Today #327

Today women gave me more of the eye than the finger. That was nice.


11 responses to “Squiggly Lines With Meaning

  1. That picture shows a lot of skill and control. Were the cops there to hand you an award? Or to check your shoe size?

  2. There is an “answer mark”. It’s called a “period”. 😀

  3. That’s a peetorical question mark.

    • Got that right! Hope nobody was watching!

      The cops were likely admiring your skill. Unless they were women cops. Then they would find you gross and childish. Not that I think that!

  4. Did you make that while you were under pressure?

  5. I can see Jesus in your double footprint!!!
    A miracle, a miracle!!!
    How come he appears in your footprints but he’s never shown up on my toast??? Or perhaps he doesn’t like Vegemite…

  6. Thanks for all the comments.
    apologies as usual for being really slow replying

    Donald Diddams: don’t tell anyone, but I actually used a garden hose. I’m not that good at drawing naturally. hee hee!

    LC Aggie Sith: sometimes an answer mark would come in handy though. Sometimes I ask questions and am not sure if the person really answered the question or not.

    madtante: I’m a regular urination builder.

    S. Le: I haven’t been called childish or gross since … the last time I was outside.

    writerdood: it was a spurt of the moment decision.

    Tony: I guess Jesus on the soles of my shoes is better than dog poo. My shoes have souls!

  7. cute-ish! where are the snow angels? I know you did at least one this winter!

  8. sweetiegirlz: I haven’t tried out the “snow day” experiment yet. I will soon.

  9. Wasn’t that a Paul Simon song “She’s got Jesus on the soles of her shoes”

  10. Tony: I think it was “She’s got diamonds on the sole of her shoes“, but “Jesus” would work lyrically as well.

    note: if I ever go to church and have the choice of singing a Paul Simon song or the usual hymnithings … I’ll go with Paul.

    double note:The Gospel According to Paul Simon” has a nice ring to it.

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