Ladders … But No Snakes


When I look at stepladders I think …

“Why aren’t they called “stepsladders“?


note: I’m sure ladder salespeople get the question  “Do you have one that looks like a shoe?” a lot.

double note: ladder companies never use the slogan “Let’s get high” for some reason.

triple note: I wish there was a ladder with a chair on top … I’m pretty lazy.

quadruple note: the round ladder never really went anywhere.

quintuple note: possibly there is something to say about “The Church of the Ladder-Day Saints” or “12 Step Programs”  in here somewhere, but I’m not at that level tonight.


Today #326

Today I couldn’t find the ice cube I dropped last night, but I found a mysterious leak on my kitchen floor this morning. I may call the landlord.


9 responses to “Ladders … But No Snakes

  1. awwwwww mannnnn… you instantly reminded me of one of my draft book writings regarding the proper usage of words in objects… buttttt i haven’t posted it yet, i should do that soon.

  2. No snakes? What’s that green thing lurking after the step ladder?

  3. Certainly, here in Utah it’s the Ladder-day Saints, but that’s because when they were handing out the letters for the regonal accent, we forgot to pick up ‘t’s. I actually know people who spell the town od Delta as Delda. And no one bats an eye.

  4. Stepladders because you mom remarried.

  5. Would a one step ladder be a ladder? Or just a step? The Ladder Day Saints really cracked me up

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    For Better GENiUS: thanks for stopping by! I’d read a post like that … you’d better get busy.

    madtante: good eye! I didn’t pick up on that at all. (seriously)

    corianne: thanks for stopping by! I know I say “budder” and “bedder” instead of “butter” and “better“, but I do know how to spell them … and say them properly if called upon. I travelled with an English guy in Australia and it took him 3 months before he could hear some of his fellow Englishmen say, and when talking about butter, better and bitter.

    bearman: hee hee! That reminded me of this old post:

    Tony: I bet ladder builders have the motto “one step at a time” … unless they build ladders from the top down.

    note: it’s always nice when I can make a not too offensive joke about religious groups.

  7. i’m surprised you even need this ladder, tall person. I’d buy a shoe shaped step ladder.

  8. sweetiegirlz: I don’t need a ladder as much as other people. Actually, I don’t own one: this one was at the gas station.

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