Peeper Shutters


If eyelids were on the bottom of our eyes

… lights would be on the floor.


note: our eyes might drown when we cried too.

double note: sorry, that’s all I got tonight.


Today #325

Today a student made me laugh when he referred to a hatchet as a tomahawk.
Excuse me. What aisle are the tomahawks in?

7 responses to “Peeper Shutters

  1. And I’d prolly call it a “hand-axe.”

  2. “Excuse me. What aisle are the tomahawks in?“ Okay, that really made me laugh too!

  3. We call them tomahawks here too. Or just little axes if we can’t remember the word.
    I have eyelids on the bottom. I thought everyone did or maybe I’m just deformed.

  4. My teenage son said that he is probably getting the “tomahawk” comment from a video game called “Modern Warfare: Black Ops”. Made sense! We got a good laugh out of it too! Your blog is always entertaining. Thanks. ~Heather

  5. Don’t know what that is a photo of but it is cool!

  6. That’s a pretty good point.

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    madtante: I told him “hand-axe” and “hatchet” were more commonly used than “tomahawk” … unless he was an Atlanta Braves ‘ fan.

    Brown Road Chronicles: that still makes me laugh when I think about it.

    Tony: I have bags below my eyes, but no lids. How can a lid be on the bottom of something? hee hee!

    Heather: this student is 55 years old. I suspect he got the name from a cowboy movie. I’ll ask him tonight when I see him.

    note: I’m glad you find this stuff entertaining (smiley face)

    S. Le: for the last 4 years a group have covered a local triangular mountain with lights in December, but this year they wanted to save electricity because of the earthquake/tsunami last year. So, they put solar powered lights on the ground in the city park at Christmas.
    Here is a photo of most of it:

    writerdood: I thought it made sense, but usually when that happens I still question myself.

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