Too Close To Shore


“Hey! You can’t practice fish here! This is a practice swimming area!”

I shouted to the man while laying on the ground with my mask and snorkel.


note: really, how does someone know that they don’t have enough time to fish? … It could just take a minute.

double note: I think this guy is crazy. I’m sure the dogs in the park scared away the fish long ago.


Today #323

Today I missed shaving just by a whisker.

7 responses to “Too Close To Shore

  1. Dur. He’s fly-fishing.

  2. Is there a fish on the ground who calls out to him “nice cast, I’d have totally bitten that if we were doing this for real”?

  3. Did he see you take his picture.

    Once I was standing on an over pass and took a picture of the passing cars. Somebody started honking at me because they were upset.

    I guess they didn’t see that I had a point and shoot in my hand. There is no way that my little camera could have taken a very detailed photo.

  4. I think he was “dog fish” or “cat-fish”-ing. If he reeled in a shoe I wonder if someone in the park would be hopping mad?

  5. Fishing in a parking lot kind of puts a damper on the whole proverb: give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.

  6. So I wonder if he was an escapee from the looney bin? That’s the sort of thing a looney would do. Or he was fishing for those walking fish.

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    madtante: it’s winter here: I haven’t seen a fly for 3 months! hee hee!
    I just wondered why this guy didn’t walk for 5 minutes and go to the river.

    omawarisan: this guy should have brought one of those inflatable beach killer whale things people float around on just for effect … or a target.
    … a Nemo doll would have worked too!

    Scholar Mel: thanks for stopping by! Maybe the driver thought you were the photo radar guy!
    I think this guy actually did see me with the camera pointed in his direction, but he didn’t seem to mind. Hey! he brought his fishing rod to the park! He can’t be too sensitive! hee hee!

    Victoria Pettit: thanks for stopping by! Really, who fishes for a shoe?

    Brown Road Chronicles: actually this is a baseball field at a local park, but it does double as a parking lot during cherry blossom season. Grass turns brown over here in the winter. I’d never seen grass turn brown in the winter before I came here; I thought it was dying until Spring rolled around.

    note: mmm … Brown Grass Chronicles sounds like a good name for a blog.

    Tony: I think the walking fish were safe, people are pretty good about keeping them on their leashes. hee hee!

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