Training … But In A Car


Snowplow Driving Courses must be seasonal.


note: tractor driving courses must be a new field.

double note: wouldn’t a highspeed car chase on a driving course be cool?
… 2 drivers to kill too!


Today #322

I almost backed into a car while pulling out of a parking space today. I almost rear-ended them … at least from my point of view.


2 responses to “Training … But In A Car

  1. I once saw a Learn To Drive Course car once & there was a learner driving & the instructor had a neck brace on. The things you see when you don’t have a camera.

  2. Tony: that would have made a funny photo.

    note: thank you for the lone comment on this post. I thought having to snowplow the drivers’ training course was a pretty funny idea … at the time.

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