Bristles And Teeth


If I never have a brush with fame, that’s okay.

I’m an easy comb, easy go type of person.


note: I’ve never had a famous brush either!

double note: 15 minutes of fame! Isn’t there anything faster?


Today #320

Today I got these tiny magnets for a birthday present:



7 responses to “Bristles And Teeth

  1. I’ve never had a brush with anything, fame, “the law”, death…

    I’m a “fine-toothed comb” type myself.

    Nice magnets. Happy Birthday!

  2. I love those hedge hog boot-cleaners!

  3. If I liked sushi, I probably could actually identify those magnets, but i think they are cute all the same!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tammy: thanks. If the Grim Reaper visits me with a brush instead of a scythe, I’ll know it’s just a brush with death. hee hee!

    madtante: they are kind of cool, aren’t they? I kind of wish I had dirty boots.

    sweetiegirlz: I don’t know why the one topped with egg is sold; sure it tastes okay, but it has nothing to do with fish. The one topped with fish eggs makes sense though.

  5. Really like the hedgehogs A LOT.
    (I wonder if liking them a lot will cause Ross will send them to me like the toilet sticker)
    I’ve never seen anyone beach brushing

  6. Happy belated birthday, and love the magnetic sushi. They are very….attractive 😉

  7. Tony: they were the only thing that might have fit me at the shoe store, but I don’t think they were for sale. … like the giant watch at the Swatch shop, sock monkeys at the sock store, movie cutouts at the theatre, …

    LC Aggie Sith: thanks! The magnetic sushi are … something, aren’t they?

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