It’s A Bit Wishy-Welly



 On birthdays, well wishers wish you well,

 … but they don’t throw money at you like well wishers at wishing wells do.

oh well!


note: I always wish for more wells at wishing wells, so I can make more wishes … I’m not stupid.

double note: making wishes at wishing wells is like throwing money away: they both involve throwing money away. … okay, they are the same.

triple note: it was my birthday yesterday. It was a pretty low-key affair: just me and a dropped key.

quadruple note: I hope Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper, Walter Mondale, and Isaac the bartender from the LoveBoat had good birthdays too!


Today #319

Today I put away my birthday suit for another year. No matter how well I fold it, it still seems a little wrinklier every year.

9 responses to “It’s A Bit Wishy-Welly

  1. Cynical Scribble

    Happy (belated) Birthday sir 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday! Your birthday suit comment made me laugh out loud…loudly! My husband was sleeping. He did not think I was funny. But that’s ok, it was worth irritating him! He’ll get over it! Happy Friday. Happy birthday. Happy happy!!!


  3. They threw money at me on my birthday…lost an eye that year because they used coins.

  4. Thanks for the comments … and birthday wishes!

    Cynical Scribble: Thanks!

    Heather: Thanks!

    bearman: you weren’t wearing your well costume that year, were you?

    madtante: Thanks!

  5. Bradley Cooper! ooolala. You get to be a few weeks older than me for a bit. Do japanese folks eat birthday cake or is there another well wishing for them? Filipinos make pancit on their birthdays for good luck.

  6. sweetiegirlz: cake is pretty popular over here on birthdays, although it’s usually just pieces of cake and not a whole one … and almost never homemade.

    note: do you think Bradley Cooper went with “Bradley” because Brad Pitt goes by “Brad“?
    I can’t think of any Bradley that likes to be called Bradley instead of Brad … except for Milton Bradley.

  7. Well I wish I could think of something to wish you well for

  8. Tony: it’s the “thought of something” that counts … or something like that.

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