New Year’s Re: Solution


A New Year’s Resolution is like a 12 Step program,

except there are about 30 little steps in every big step.

… or maybe that’s a calendar?
… or a weird set of stairs?


note: crap! it’s a leap year!

double note: the last 12 Step program I was involved in was Line Dancing.


Today #318

Today I thought, “Every day is probably a holiday, if you are the Pope.

4 responses to “New Year’s Re: Solution

  1. Pope or Bill Murray. I hear he takes things easy every day no matter what goes on around him.

  2. If eyes were square, we’d all look awful funny… (nice picture by the way!).
    given how many times people resolve to lose weight, or whatever, I think your Re-solution is about right. Over and over. Maybe more than 12 steps.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    eksith: thinking of Bill Murray wearing the big Pope hat makes me laugh … although just thinking of Bill Murray makes me laugh too!

    Donald Diddams: John Lennon would have looked really funny wearing those round glasses of his too!
    I took the photo in a hallway at a shrine. I don’t think there was a round window outside; I’ll have to go back and check that out.

  4. So do we have to leap over some of the steps?

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