A Short Attention Span With A Zoom Lens


Some times things just come together unintentionally.

Other times people just do weird stuff for some reason.


note: I didn’t really know what this was until I uploaded the photo. It was just a hunch that it would be weird.

double note: Mr. Pettit  seems to think I take about 50% of these photos from my van. He’s a bit on the low side possibly.
When I  drive, I’m attracted to stuff like a crow to shiny things.


Today #312

I won a handmade hula skirt and floral hairpin yesterday at the big hula dance Christmas party I was invited to. After much consideration, today I decided to give them to one of my students’ mother who is a hula dancer.
(being the only guy in a crowd of 180 hula dancers, I was really hoping that my ticket number wasn’t going to be called.)

6 responses to “A Short Attention Span With A Zoom Lens

  1. I still haven’t a clue…what that is or in general. Congrats on your big win!

  2. But you could’ve made a live-action version of the Jib-Jab hula dance!! I’m, frankly, disappointed.

  3. What a weird photo. What is that blue thing anyway??? A photo of yu in the hula skirt would’ve been interesting/weird/sexy depending on your viewpoint

  4. If I get a “handmade hula skirt and floral hairpin” for Christmas I will NOT be happy! 😉

  5. Great…
    Now I’m going to picture every weird looking dead tree in a hula skirt for week. Almost like the time I had to visit an old-folks home during the Hawaii themed party. Except the trees would be dead on the outside too. Damn you, weird brain!

    BTW… Congrats on the win.

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    madtante: the blue thing is a Totoro.

    I passed along my big prizes to one of my students’ mothers … who is a hula dancer.

    S. Le: I knew you’d be disappointed. I just wasn’t in the hula skirt wearing frame of mind at the time. Hopefully the Santa outfit photo makes up for a bit.

    Tony: if it was my viewpoint, I vote for sexy. hee hee!
    The blue thing is a Totoro: see above Youtube link.

    Kelly Pettit: hey! those things were free! You know I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on your Christmas present! hee hee!

    eksith: I always picture hula skirts on dashboards for some reason … and bobble heads.
    I want to win something at Christmas! … but I usually just get stuff. Where is the fun in that? hee hee!

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