Toilet Paper And Toast


Toilet paper and toast are the same:

– you wipe stuff on both of them.
you usually only use one side of them.
– the most common types start out white and then turn brown.
2 pieces are often used at the same time.
– they both eventually get flushed down the toilet.
and …
– they both can be really crumby.


note:  I have to give an assist to Mr. Pettit  on this one. The toilet paper and toast conundrum really got his neuron snapping.
(that’s not a typo … he only has one)


Today #310

I’m glad this was in my toast slot today, so I could have a photo for todays toast. Thank you very much Mr. Toastman. Toastal service in Japan is pretty good.

9 responses to “Toilet Paper And Toast

  1. I’m glad I read this AFTER I made my toast this morning.

  2. Well done! Let’s toast! I mean the toast is well done…! Or something like that.

    You must live near a toastal area.

    Cautionary Note: I’ve seen peanuts on both as well!

  3. I never knew the similarities. Uh…thanks?
    My only regret is I found them out before breakfast.

    There is something I could write, but I just can’t go there…

  4. I have used toilet paper that felt like I was wiping my butt with toast.

  5. There is one major difference. You can poke your finger through one of them, and the other can make your finger sticky. I won’t say which is which. By the way – you’re as disgusting as I am. Well done!

  6. Well this was kind of a shock. All I can say is, if you use the wrong one in the bathroom you could be in for an uncomfortable surprise!

  7. I’ve now lost my appetite for beans on toast.

  8. I think you just turned me off ever putting that choc hazelnut spread on toast ever again. Wouldn’t the butter leave your bum all greasy???

  9. Thanks for all the comments!
    (apologies for being so slow to respond … my leg just jumped from where the doctor hit my knee with the little hammer a few weeks ago)

    Rob Rubin: I guess I should really have a “not suitable before breakfast” warning on this blog sometimes.

    Kelly Pettit: hee hee!

    Tammy: sorry about that. I think Mr. Pettit went there” with his cautionary note. ewww!!!

    bearmancartoons: someone should make toast shaped toiletpaper! Not me though, I can only make toiletpaper out of leaves and catalogues in a pinch.

    Tooty Nolan: thanks! this one isn’t really toilet humour … it’s more toiletpaper humour.

    Donald Diddams: if you use the wrong one in the toaster, it’s probably not so good either! hee hee! (searching for fire extinguisher face)

    S. Le: sorry about that. I’m off putting sometimes … and sometimes I’m off putting, if someone wants me to play golf with them.

    Tony: sorry, I forgot a lot of people eat toast for breakfast. I just eat coffee and cigarettes usually.

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