Some times “sex” isn’t needed to sell stuff. 
note: I’d rather be “on the virg” than “on the cusp” figuratively speaking. 
… unless it’s written down as “being on the verge” … then it just sounds like being on a grassy patch of land beside a road.
double note: I thought virgin meant a martini … maybe that’s ver-gin.
Today #307
Today I wanted to put on a post about dog owners being anal … or pretty close to it, when cleaning up after their dogs, but the photo was crap.

5 responses to “Virgin

  1. Fun fact : Being on the virg was once the name of an underground, all-girl, punk rock band.

  2. I was once ‘on the verge’ and feeling rather sick. But I managed to ride my motorcycle on to a beach before I fell over.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    eksith: thanks for stopping by! That’s a good name for a band. I’m glad it was an all-girl band … otherwise it sounds kind of pervy. hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: I’d rather fall over on the beach than while feeling sick.
    The last motorcycle I rode on was my brother’s Norton when I was 7 years old … I burned the crap out of my ankle on the exhaust pipe. I don’t think that’s the reason I never got into motorcycles … I think it was the absence of an ashtray that was the deciding factor.

  4. I am a virgin because I was nooterd when I was 6 months old. Daddy always picks up my crap.

  5. Dixie the Poodle: can’t dogs just get vasectomies or go on the pill? Getting neutered seems so drastic!

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