Stuff You Don’t Pay For … Kind Of


Condiments are complimentary,

but some compliments are condemnentary.


note: I don’t like receiving backhanded compliments … I’m all about giving.

double note: adding “actually” to most remarks make them backhanded. “Your breath smells actually okay today.
Try it! It’s fun! … ouch! hey! what did I do!

triple note:  the 3 Kings followed the North star and found the manager of Gyoza and offered up soy sauce, vinegar, and chili-spiced oil as gifts to this culinary messiah.
Another 3 Kings came by later with toothpicks, black pepper, and chili pepper flakey stuff … but they were too late.


Today #306

Today I met a 13 year old kid I know waiting at a ramen restaurant. I gave him and his dad a free ticket for 6 gyoza. I have that kind of firepower in my wallet.


6 responses to “Stuff You Don’t Pay For … Kind Of

  1. Handing out free tickets has to be a fun exercise!

  2. Wondered what that last dogs purpose was.

  3. Sounds like an Iron Chef Xmas challenge. I remember when complimentary condiments were free on things like meat pies, pasties & sausage rolls but here they charge extra now. I never get sauce on pies anymore ‘cos I’m a cheapskate. Next they’ll be charging for salt on fish & chips.

  4. P.S. Forgot to say I’ll try “actually” on my wife.
    “Your hair looks actually ok today” I’m sure she’ll be impressed & thank you for the tip on improving my marriage.

  5. Aren’t there any lefties in Japan or are there just no other Canadian lefties in Japan?

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: for every 3 times I go for ramen, I get a free ticket for gyoza. I always order a set that includes gyoza, so I’ve handed out about 100 free tickets to students in the past 4 years. I’m a gyoza goodwill embassador!

    bearman: are you referring to the chili-pepper stuff or the Marco Polo black pepper can?

    Tony: actually the actually isn’t going to provide a positive response.

    I have to ask for ketchup at McDonalds for the fries … everytime, but most sushi or ramen restaurants have tonnes of free condiments!

    S. Le: yes there are lefties in Japan … most of the ones I’ve spotted are girls. I can spot a lefty in about 2 seconds, if they have hands … and not at all if they want money. hee hee!

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