Apologies for not being around much:

I seem to have my intermittens on at the moment.


note: I’m not lost in the fog … it’s just following me around.

double note: maybe it’s not fog, but odorless smoke signals.


Today #303

Today I realized that during the average day at work I speak mostly in present tense, followed closely by present continuous and simple past.
Sometimes I can say just nouns for hours!

11 responses to “Intermittentendencies

  1. Odorless? He who smelt it dealt it, me boy.

  2. Are you sure the photo isn’t just a really bad fart that has lingered longer.

  3. When my youngest son was a toddler I remarked that there was lots of fog outside one morning. He went to the window & was looking around for a bit. Then he said “Where Daddy, I can’t see any frogs”

  4. Funny I have my wintermittens on. Seriously does anyone even wear mittens anymore?

  5. Cute post, as always and
    Tony is so funny 😛

  6. Better than saying a certain verb for hours 😉

  7. Is fog really odorless? I always thought it smelled… kind of musty-like.

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

    madtante: that sounds like a quote from “The Spleen” in Mystery Men.

    Tony: I’m pretty sure that was happening outside of my van, so it was probably fog.
    Your “frog” comment reminds me of something in John Irving‘s The World According to Garp. One of the children in the story is afraid of the “undertoad” at the beach.

    bearmancartoons: I think most people lose their mittens eventually.

    mohsingilani: thanks for stopping by. Thanks.

    LC Aggie Sith: that’s true. There seem to be more sweary verbs than nouns.
    repeat” is a nasty verb to say over and over again too!

    Donald Diddams: I guess it depends where the fog happens. I bet fog at a beach smells like the ocean.

  9. NOOOOO!!!! Not the undertoad!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

  10. I believe the Spleen does say that but it was common amongst grade schoolers even back when I was in grade school (& I got it from Brother who’s 8 years older, so that puts it at least back in the ’60s).

  11. Tony: the undertow/undertoad and the fog/frog … it’s all so amphiguous.

    note: I know I’ve used “amphiguous” before, but it’s a good word.

    madtante: I remember hearing that in school as well. How about “Who cut the cheese? … I think Bob is holding the knife.” ?

    note: Paul Reubens saying “He who smelt it dealt it” makes it sound funnier for me though.

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