Some Things


Some things that seemed very important at one time

have become so very exportant now.


note: “I said I was an ‘export star’ … not an ‘ex-sports star’.”

double note:himmigration” usually involves free beer.


Today #302

Today I awoke to a total mug stand collapse in my kitchen: all mugs survived … except my “coffee mugging” mug. It was my favourite. (sadface)



4 responses to “Some Things

  1. Your bottom 2 piccies don’t load on my browser (Chrome, last update). Sorry if you broke your fave mug (you could be joking but I can’t see the illustration, so I’m going by text).

  2. I can’t see the last photos either.
    What about hermigration. You need to dry your camera lens.

  3. For a second I thought that said ex porn star!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: no, I broke my favourite mug. The 2 pictures didn’t load because I copied them directly into the post from Google. I can’t get into trouble for stealing photos from Google, if they are mine can I?
    The mug actually has a picture on the otherside of the mugger running away with the mug … and the coffee drinker looking sad.

    Tony: I’ve corrected my error.
    I was going to mention “hemmigration“, but I thought that was sexist … because men should know how to sew too! … even if they don’t.

    Brown Road Chronicles: I did too! … I had to type that really carefully.
    I tried fitting ex porn star into this, but I couldn’t. I tried, but I couldn’t.

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