Converting robots to Christianity is probably easier with a Christian converter.

I haven’t seen them on sale in the stores yet though.


note: I don’t know what my appliances believe, but my phone speaks in tongues … when there is bad reception.

double note:outlet stores” don’t usually sell outlets. I’ve seen them in there though, but the staff usually give me weird looks when I want to buy one.

triple note: apologies, I usually write a poem when the photo has snowmen in it.
“Snowmen usually make me rhyme,
but not this time.”

oh! nevermind.



Today #301

Today was so-so … suck your toe all the way to Mexico!
(I’m sorry, I don’t know where that childhood rhyme nugget came from)


6 responses to “HALlelujah

  1. Do little boys and girls think Santa Claus is a robot wherever you live??

  2. I thought the “robot” was a guy in a spacesuit — double-flipping-off the world. Shows where my head’s at.

  3. That scooter/golf cart thing is now on my list.

  4. Hey, that’s Asimo! I’d recognize that robot anywhere.

    …while you’re there cut your hair and don’t forget your underwear.

  5. “Open the church door HAL”
    “I’m sorry I can’t do that Dave”…

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Brown Road Chronicles: there are no little girls and boys where I live … I live alone and don’t have kids. hee hee!

    madtante: I think it’s a robot in a spacesuit. I don’t know why … maybe I’ve got a phobia against naked robots. hee hee!

    bearman: I’ve been eyeing up that scooter as well! … maybe I will buy it in a few few few more years.

    Tammy: I knew that was Asimo … I just didn’t know its name. hee hee! I may have forgotten, but that’s unlikely, so I’m going with the former answer.

    Tony: you made me shoot Coca Cola out of my nose with that reply!

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