Giraffe Machinations


 Sure nothing runs like a Deere,

but nothing hides like a Giraffe

… in a heavy machinery area.


note: I can’t run and hide … I’m not a multitasker!

double note: hiding an elephant involves shades of gray.

triple note: I saw an elephant hide once … it’s pretty sad that some people still do that.

quadruple note: a Giraffe Caterpillar must become a pretty massive Giraffe Butterfly.

quintuple note: people probably don’t paint giraffes on those huge industrial cranes because a “giraffe crane” sounds dumb.


Today #300

Last night I ate all the green vegetables in my fridge. Today I’m thinking of eating all the blue ones … I’m not very hungry really.


9 responses to “Giraffe Machinations

  1. “Won’t Da be proud?”

    Reminds me of the story of Rosie O’Donnell’s kids painting her Emmys (Emmies?).

  2. They’re just setting up the guy that crawls into that thing for a day full of bullying!
    I suppose the driver would be allowed to enjoy a handful of KIRIN beer though.

  3. I see they spelt your name wrong on the cab door.

  4. But its a rectangular sliding door not a round one.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: the driver is either going to think it’s really really cool … or not really really cool. Someone thought it was a good idea though … hopefully the driver.

    Kelly Pettit: I want an ostrich painted digger! … they usually have their heads in the ground more often than giraffes … in cartoons.

    Tooty Nolan: I think that is how my name is spelt in Russian … they don’t use vowels do they?

    Tony: I’m trying to think like you, but I’ve failed. What does your comment mean?

  6. If you click on the photo for an enlarged version the sign on the excavator door says RSS Round Sliding Door Systems. But the excavator door is rectangularish

    • Tony: thanks for explaining your comment. I have to start looking at my photos a bit more closely.
      That’s a funny name! … maybe the owner’s name is Round.

      • And I thought RSS meant Really Simple Syndication. Just shows how wrong you can be about some things. Guess that’s why I noticed the sign because I have an RSS Reader

  7. Tony: I thought about RSS feeds when I saw the sign, but then I thought “Hey! giraffes feed with their mouths!“, so I didn’t think about it again.

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