Skyline View


This Sky Writer had to have been lefthanded.


note: I waited around to see what the message was going to be, but it was just another skinny cloud prank, I guess.

double note: vapor trails always make me think about the Alan Parsons Project‘s “I in the Sky“.


Today #299

Today I got a cool haircut … it’s a lot cooler at the back and on top now.

9 responses to “Skyline View

  1. That’s funny… I think of that song, too 🙂

    Maybe the skywriter just wanted to say, “I”…

  2. You were looking at the cloud from the wrong side. It says “Eat at Joes”

  3. Looks like the space shuttle!

  4. Guess the pilot had skywriters block

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    LC Aggie Sith: sometimes I sing “I am the eyes in the sky“, if I think of all of those people on the plane … and don’t want to be grammatically correct.

    bearmancartoons: I must have been looking at it from a side view … or had my 1D glasses on.

    Brown Road Chronicles: everything looks like a space shuttle from that distance. I’m sure space shuttle personnel say everything looks like the Earth from that distance too!

    Tony: another good one! You are getting pretty good at stealing my ideas that I didn’t think about yet. hee hee!

  6. All those years of uploading my brain with Planetross data

    • Tony: my mother always said that I would think differently about some things when I got older, but I don’t think she meant “think differently” in the same way as I try to think differently. hee hee!

      • Someone left a comment on one of my comics once & said “I like your style of humour because you seem to think differently to normal people”. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not. Guess I’ll just blame it on my mental pills.

  7. Tony: what’s normal? … except for those congenital twins named Norm and Al.

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