Name Calling


Some people are just born Lucky

… while other people are just born Michael, Carlos, Raj, Anna-Marie, Yuko, Nadia, …

It just depends on who the parents are.

It’s genetic.


note: children named Lucky must have to overcome a lot of odds growing up.


Today #296

Today I realized that I’m quite good at wasting time.
… and playing Zombie Highway on the i-phone.

5 responses to “Name Calling

  1. Children are genetic. If your parents didn’t have any, it is likely you won’t either.

  2. If I had an iPhone I could waste time too! …oh wait…

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    bearman: I like that one.
    Are children “generic” too? hee hee!

    S. Le: I never check any internet stuff on the iPhone; the screen is small, my fingers are big, and the signal is crap where I work … it’s a waste of time.
    … oh! wait a minute!

  4. Hey you beat Yosemite Sam ya fur bearin’ .varmit…

  5. Tony: I’m like Bugs Bunny … I can usually beat Yosemite Sam. hee hee!

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