Some Days #9


Some days it feels like my life cycle has a flat tire.


note: I consider leaning up against stuff “kickstanding“.

double note: the other Some Days are still here  and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.


Today #295

Today I needed to concentrate like frozen orange juice.

8 responses to “Some Days #9

  1. From my “I got ya” post this week, sometimes I’m the kickstand.

  2. Sometimes I’m the kickstoop. Other times I’m the kicksit.

  3. You should clip some playing cards to those spokes so they will REALLY go ticky-ticky-ticky!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: I saw your kickstand reference after posting this. I think most people are kickstands for other people every now and then.

    Bunk Strutts: I kick up a fuss once in a while … because those fusses deserve it.

    S. Le: I remember putting baseball cards on my bicycle as a kid … I didn’t like the sound … I’d just bought baseball cards by mistake instead of hockey cards. hee hee!

  5. I recall once trying to change the rear tyre of a motorcycle using the kickstand. The bike fell on me and trapped my hand between the sprocket and the chain – until my dad came home from church, and lifted it off me. I wasn’t a very smart young man.

  6. Tooty Nolan: I might have done the same. I don’t really know how people change motorcycle tires: I’ve never seen it done.

    note: I think I added the “and” in the proper place.

  7. That’s a very photographic photograph. I like it

  8. Tony: thanks. I actually took a few random photos of flat tires while driving around, but then I remembered all the bicycles that are parked outside of work. I didn’t realized that the second tire in the photo was a little low until I put it up here.

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