Your Present Is The Stocking!


I guess before Christmas was invented
people just got presents on December 25th for no reason at all.


note: I finally have a stocking with my name on it! Thanks sister of mine.
… I write my name on the bottom of all my socks with a jiffy-marker, but that’s just not the same.

double note: I wrote this last year about what stocking I used as a kid:

triple note: my sister knitted a stocking for my girlfriend too. Now I will have to buy a bunch of stuff to fill it up with. Do they sell leg shaped pillows?    

quadruple note: before religions started making holidays everywhere, people must have had to work a lot more.


Today #294

Today I didn’t have much energy. I wish Apple had an update for people with low battery problems.

9 responses to “Your Present Is The Stocking!

  1. That reindeer looks like a meatball with his hands in the air. Maybe he’s being robbed.

  2. My parents had those iron on patches made with my name on it for when I went to camp.

  3. Too cute. She got the eyes right on. lol

  4. While on a semi-stressful family vacation, your blog posts kept me going. We had to walk to breakfast in a central location (outside), so every morning as we walked I would read (out loud) your funny thoughts. Many members of my husbands family find me a little annoying because I am jovial and happy in the morning and generally a talkative person. Reading your posts was perfect because I would laugh and they would look at me like I was a little crazy. Perfect!!! So again, I thank you, for making my life a little funnier.

  5. Your sister is very talented! Perhaps she could also knit that leg-shaped pillow!

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    writerdood: Who would rob a meatball? … maybe in a spaghetti western possibly.

    bearman: was it because you forgot your name a lot? hee hee!
    oh! the patches were for your clothes! nevermind.

    Doraz: right on and left on … both of them!

    Heather: you’re welcome.
    I’m funny and annoying … that basically sums me up. hee hee!

    S. Le: I think she is knitting me a Cowichan Indian Sweater. She knit one for me when I was 18, but it kind of got badly burnt somehow while I was sleeping too close to a fireplace.

  7. Has anyone seen my pillow-shaped leg?

  8. Tooty Nolan: having “pillow-shapely” legs doesn’t sound so good.

  9. That’s a great sock & even has the pull on tab like work boots do. Is there another to make up the pair?

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