A Natural Occurrence That Occurs … Naturally!


When I’m out in cold weather, I seem to have to urinate more frequently than usual.

I’m sure if I was frozen solid, I’d piss myself!


note: I probably wouldn’t have to urinate at all on the sun.

double note: you know those days when you have nothing to say in a blog post? … I have those everyday. hee hee!


Today #291

Today I thought, “Hey! Tomorrow is payday! Treat yourself to a nice lunch; you’re worth it.” 
Mmmm drive-thru or counter service … decisions decisions.

7 responses to “A Natural Occurrence That Occurs … Naturally!

  1. You should move to California. It’s doesn’t snow here. It’s cold though, so you’d still have the pee problem. Perhaps Hawaii?

  2. Always happens to me in the woods, but I can usually deal with it there.
    The only disadvantage to having your freezer named a world heritage site is you could never defrost it. Of course, one could see that as an advantage, too.

  3. I’m going to have to correct an earlier poster. It OF COURSE snows in Cali. You can ski…maybe not her part of Cali but the GOOD part of it is Northern and they get snow:)

    Apart from that, see my post about standing in sub-freezing weather today for charity.

  4. Did I mention that I have an enlarged prostate gland?

  5. I always need to pee more when it’s cold too. You’d think he would want to stay tucked away where it’s warm but no he wants to be out for a good look around every half hour. There’s just no pleasing some penises!!! Or is that penii???

  6. Snow has that coming, that is what it is for.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Heather: Hawaii has a lot of water. Water makes me pee … like most liquids … except gasoline and bleach and stuff like that.

    Donald Diddams: so if the Polar Icecaps were declared World Heritage Sites, then they couldn’t be defrosted?
    … I think I’ve solved a World Problem!

    madtante: where I live it doesn’t snow … but I live in a house, so that’s probably the same for a lot of people.

    Tooty Nolan: yes, several times. hee hee!

    Tony: are you talking about yourself in the 3rd person? hee hee!

    omawarisan: the best thing about snow is that you can tell how far everyone else walked into the forest to take a pee.

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