Of Course


I can’t remember the last time I ate a 3 course meal:

… I just seem to eat one coarse meal after the other at home.


note: the picture has nothing to do with my coarse meals: I’m not showing you my food … with or without my mouth open!
It’s just “hydroponic giant albino carrot” season in Japan again.

double note: if I have a pizza delivered while eating a multi-course meal in a restaurant, is that called an “intercourse“?

double and a half note:Hey waiter! Back off! I’m having a bit of intercourse here. Do you have any parmessan and tabasco?

triple note: there is a lot of course language on menus … and university brochures.


Today #288

Today was an ordinary day; except nothing exceptional happened.
Oh! wait a minute!

10 responses to “Of Course

  1. I do not wish to partake in any intercourse where tabasco is involve 😉

    Albino carrots, eh? At Texas A&M University (my alma mater), the Dept. of Agricultural Sciences came out with a maroon carrot. Why? Because our rival’s (University of Texas) team color is burnt orange.

  2. Talking of coarse menus – I recall a Greek menu of the 80’s that had several items marked as ‘cunty style’. Naturally I avoided them.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    LC Aggie Sith: I’d probably maroon carrots on the edge of the plate, if they were maroon.

    Tooty Nolan: I wonder if that restaurant still has the same menu. My brother ordered “beef balls” in a Chinese restaurant, thinking they meant “meat balls“. They didn’t.

  4. Egads!!! Don’t tell me they are breeding those Giant Albino Carrots!!! They’re asking for trouble as some forces of the universe just aren’t to be messed with. They will take over the world & kill the lot of us

  5. Of course, only you could successfully use the word “intercourse” in context, and totally out of context.

    Do you now have an ad on your blog? I watched it and thought, wait a minute, this has nothing to do with albino carrots and intercourse.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I haven’t seen any breeding, but they do seem to grow throughout most of the year!

    Tammy: thanks.
    I googled how wordpress makes it money a while ago and found out that there are ads on wordpress blogs:

    Google AdSense – Free blogs hosted on WordPress.com may sometimes carry Google ads but these ads may only appear if all the following three conditions are met:

    1. The visitor is not using Firefox browser.
    2. He has logged out of his WordPress account, if he has one.
    3. The referring source is not a WordPress powered blog. So a person reaching abc.wordpress.com from xyz.wordpress.com won’t see any Google Ads.

    Even with all these conditions, the revenue generated from serving Google AdSense ads on WordPress.com hosted blog may still be significant as do around a billion page views per month.

  7. And they’re huge. What chance would anyone have against a whole horde of them???

  8. Tony: they usually travel in stacks … at the supermarkets. I haven’t seen any hoarding yet.
    I’ll keep an eye on them.

  9. oh sorry…
    And they’re huge. What chance would anyone have against a whole stack of them???

  10. Tony: why are they called “smoke stacks” when they aren’t stacked at all?

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