At The End Of The Rainbow


If you were standing at the end of the rainbow, I suspect that it would look like a straight vertical red line.

Just a thin red line protecting that big pot of gold!


note: rainbows make me think of Judy Garland and chocolate coalitions pissing off whalers and the French.

double note: I’m sure there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it’s probably filled with effluence from people who wanted to be affluent … but couldn’t lift that heavy pot.


Today #286

Today I did the “finger in the mouth” maneuver like this:

… and may have sang a bit of the song.

4 responses to “At The End Of The Rainbow

  1. I always thought the end of a rainbow, and it’s pot ‘o gold, was guarded by a leprechaun with an uzi or similar. No? My imagination is devastated.

  2. wouldn’t the end of the rainbow just become a drybow or a sunnybow. I don’t buy into the whole pot of gold thing. I think it’s a scam to make us keep our hopes up, just like fairies & santa claus & dentists saying this won’t hurt

  3. Kind of pretentious of people to think they would be the first to the end of the rainbow and there would be anything left.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: maybe those things are at the other end of the rainbow.

    Tony: do fairies and santa claus say “this won’t hurt” like dentists do? I’ve been reading the wrong literature about them I guess. hee hee!

    bearman: I’m not going to think about the rainbow anymore: I’m so over the rainbow!

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