Cemetary … Sedentary … Same Difference


My tomb’s tone would probably convey disappointment.


note: I’d say this was Gallo’s humour, but I don’t drink wine very often.


Today #284

I wish I was at work already today, so I wouldn’t have to not look forward to it.

9 responses to “Cemetary … Sedentary … Same Difference

  1. I guess if you can look forward to work, you are already ahead of the game.


  2. I think it’s called a grave because it’s very serious. Just like a tomb’s tone is deep and serious. Right?

  3. What do you want on your tombstone? Mushrooms

  4. I like gallow’s humor but not Gallo wine (none that I’ve tried…it may be worth further exploration but I prefer whiskey or vodka).

  5. Shouldn’t it be R.I.G.???
    Rest In Ground

  6. Or if you were killed by a land mine or suicide bomber, Rest In Pieces

  7. Most of us pay for our own funeral. I’m sure if we knew how much it actually cost, we’d have engraved RIP OFF. Or, I guess, if you leave this life early, you could write that as well.

  8. Wouldn’t it be “in-grave”?

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    timkeen40: I actually like my job. I don’t have too much to complain about, so I have to make stuff up some times.

    Donald Diddams: I think you are right, but how does “gravy” fit into this?

    Bearman: hee hee! I might like a miniature monolith with a few ape dolls standing around it.

    madtante: I don’t know why I know of “Gallo” wine … I probably watched too much TV as a kid and was brainwashed by commercials.

    Tony: I guess life is RIGged at the end of the day. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit: I always thought the saying “It’s your funeral.” meant that you were the one being buried/cremated, not the one paying for it. What a rip-off!

    S. Le: it probably would be for most people … except for Houdini. hee hee!

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