The most difficult thing about dressing up as a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween is probably digging the hole.


note: hopefully the party is at your own place too … and the drinks have straws in them.


Today #278

I’m hosting a bodily function today.

4 responses to “Jack-O’-Lantern

  1. My dog loves to urinate on pumpkin heads. Be warned.

    I bet those cabbage patch kids are really jealous of your jeans pumpkin patch.

  2. I prefer Jock ‘o’ straps

  3. I guess it’s best to get midget jack o lanterns then you don’t need to dig the hole as deep

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    brianpettit: I’ve been warned. Maybe I will be an electrified Jack-o-lantern!

    Tooty Nolan: I definitely need a jockstrap when I teach at kindergartens … and something to protect me from kids poking me in the bum.

    Tony McGurk: I will plant jack-o-lantern seeds next year so I won’t have to dig a hole at all!

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